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The Superhero Team


Josephine Horace Jackson


Ericka Reed


Dshay Michelene


Dione Pacheco


Dennis Jenkins


Karim Boyd

Dennis Jenkins

Executive Director/ Co-Founder of Dynamic Dad

Entrepreneur, Life Coach and Business Developer   


Dennis Jenkins, a native of Woodbury, New Jersey is an Entrepreneur that has founded and facilitated many outreach programs. He is the co-founder of Dynamic Dad a program that educates and mentors Dads on how to be better men/Dads to their children through cultivation of relationships. Dennis has also served as former facilitator of the Connections BWB Inc. in Charlotte, NC. He served in many areas of these organizations from fundraising to volunteering at daycare centers with Dynamic Dad’s "Lets read book club" and "Reading and Mentoring program."  Dennis has a passion to see everyone succeed but has a special calling to build and restore broken men by showing them how start with what they have to create something out of nothing. Dennis loves people and has a passion to see fathers, broken and abused children and the less fortunate healed, educated, restored, empowered and made completely whole. 

Karim Boyd 
President Dynamic Dads

I am a father of five children and a brand new grandparent! Wow, this is important to state first in my bio as my children are the definition of what I identify as success. Growing up in Philadelphia, last of eight children, I was not aware that my family was poor. I credit my mother and father for honoring such high cultural practice full of traditions that made frivolous material possession appear mundane. Following in my father's career footsteps I entered the Entertainment Industry at a very young age. Mixing motion picture and studio production with stagecraft and live presentation immediately became a natural fit for almost 25 years. Over those years I have had the pleasure of working with a host of non profit entities who have made a huge impact in society, but I would be remorseful if I fail to mention a not for profit youth organization I had the pleasure of co-founding called H.Y.P.E.- Helping Youth Pursue Excellence. This was a grassroots community based youth organization. Sports and live events became the platform to showcase some of the most productive children and their respective parents. I look forward to continuing the promotion of successful families through this amazing program- Dynamic Dads.

Josephine Horace Jackson
Executive Director/Founder of Magnificent Moms( Sister program to Dynamic Dad)

I'm a Mother of three biological children, one daughter and two sons. I'm the proud Grandmother of five. I'm also a firm believer that shared DNA is not what totally comprises a Family, so therefore, I'm a Surrogate Mother and Mentor to countless others across this Nation. I have 33 years of combined professional and personal life experiences in the area of Healthcare,  Policymaking, Criminal Justice Reform, Community Navigating, Advocating,  Social Services and Ministry. I am on the Steering Committee of RROCI (Restoring the Rights and Opportunities Coalition), CGLA (Cabrini  Green Legal Aid) Leadership Council and MHACE (Mental Health and Cannabis Education) and last but not least, the Executive Director/Founder of Magnificent Moms. For the past three decades,  my passion has been to empower, encourage, enlighten, uplift and help my fellow Brethren navigate through difficult circumstances to brighter paths.

D'shay Michelene
Director of Program Operations

I met Dennis at a former job working with teenage delinquents. We worked the overnight shift and I often heard Dennis telling anyone who would listen about Dynamic Dad. One night, as I was writing poetry to stay awake, Dennis read one of my poems. Dennis told me then that he knew I had a gift and wanted to give me a platform to get my words out to the world. Since then, I have released multiple poems with my most popular titled "Dear Daddy." I came onto the team as just a poet but I quickly elevated to DPO. I assist with event planning, promotions, podcast, the monthly magazine, ETC; I wear many hats on the team. I have been working with children since I was in middle school. I started off babysitting, I volunteered at my local church with the youth team, I volunteered at the local school assisting children with school work, and I worked at a non profit after school program in my home state of California for 8 years. It was through that experience that I realized my passion for children. Being apart of Dynamic Dad allows me to share my story of growing up in a "broken home" to educate parents on how the "Co-parenting" relationship can be affecting their children. 

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