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Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Dynamic Dad realizes that reading is essential to a child growth so we have Launched a Lets read Book club. This program is designed to encourage responsible fatherhood, support the role of fathers to ensure the permanency, safety, well-being of their children and families to increase family functioning and co-parenting capacity and change the perception of men and their roles as fathers.

Although literacy has been high on the development agenda over the past  decades, UIS data show that 750 million adults – two-thirds of whom are women –  still lack basic reading and writing skills, according to the latest available data for  2016 (see Table 1). 102 million of the illiterate population were between 15 and 24  years old. The global adult literacy rate was 86% in 2016, while the youth literacy  rate was 91%.  According to UIS data, the majority of countries missed the Education for All (EFA)  goal of reducing adult illiteracy rates by 50% between 2000 and 2015. At the global  level, the adult and youth literacy rates are estimated to have grown by only 4%  each over this period.

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